I was on a mission.  I chose to accept it.  Get to Etsy Canada early and buy a gift for my friend in the UK.  Not just any gift, nope !!  Handmade, limited edition thing.  It’s swanky.   And then I fell in love…. with the location this event was being held at.  I’ve never been to Domaine Cataraqui and I’ll make it a point to return sometime soon. Insider information : I found the event on Quoi faire Quebec, I usually check this site a few times a week and then plan activities for myself or the family.

Etsy Canada - Domaine Cataraqui

Can I tell  you a secret ?  Don’t worry, it won’t compromise my mission – we’re safe !!…  I really wanted to get to the even early and make sure I got first pick.  Now, let me share with you some of the handmade unique items from Etsy Canada. More images and links to the vendors can be found on my Flickr album if you click HERE. Then I’ll take you around the grounds with me..  you can’t say no !

Below : Morin Bowties – main website / Etsy Store

Unique bowties – hand made from recyled ties or limited edition bowties with a maximum of 15 per set – each with their unique story.

Etsy Canada - Domaine Cataraqui

Below : Atelier Unik-Art – Etsy Store

This would make the perfect gift for someone with a cottage or rustic bar.

Etsy Canada - Domaine Cataraqui

Below : LaCokine Jewlery – Etsy Store

I seriously love LaCokine’s tag line : Cute jewelry for cute girls !!

Etsy Canada - Domaine Cataraqui

  • Two : Maman Ourse – Etsy Shop
  • One : Amour et Joie de Vivre – Etsy Shop
  • Three : Azurine – Etsy Shop
  • don’t judge my counting skills !!

Maman ourse creates magical items for children, she also has a background in special needs education.  All her items are limited edition and handmade.

The elf booklet, sold by Amour et Joie de Vivre is such a great idea !!! Elf on the shelf is coming soon and this little package comes with ideas and pre-made cards that the elf can leave for the little ones. GENIUS.

I loved the delicate jewelry from Azurine, at first I thought it was resin, but no… it’s glass and each one is hand painted. Absolutely darling !

Collage - Etsy Canada - Quebec

 Lets get lost a moment and visit the grounds.  I find such beauty in old things.  Stepping inside the semi-abandoned greenhouse, it wasn’t hard to imagine a gardener pruning or preparing the potager

, tending young seedlings.  Now I want a greenhouse !!!!!

Domaine Cataraqui

Now, you should get lost and have an adventure of your own.

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