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[Can150Bookcation] travelling across Canada; one canadian book at a time

Usually I’d be finalizing our summer outings right now but, unfortunately our home took on water this spring and the repairs costs deflated the vacation budget. I do love to travel, especially little road trips! I won’t be able to do as many as I would have liked this summer and that got me thinking. A little project was born; The Can150Bookcation

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[No Umbrella Required] – How I use books as a shield.

It’s not easy for me to write about myself, it doesn’t come naturally. I’m going to push myself from time to time to bring you [No Umbrella Required]; snippets of who I am. So here we have my first post on how books have become somewhat of my personal shield.
If you ask people why they enjoy reading they might tell you that they love to be transported to a different place in time, that they read to relax or even use reading as a sleeping aid. I read for a whole lot of reasons but only recently have I twigged on how books have become my shield.

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[In a Nutshell] April 2017

Book wise, April had me showered in awesome reads !  I was able to knock out four reviews. I may have been able to squeeze out another one but April almost whacked me down a few times. So yes, April on a personal level has been hectic. Many trips to the clinic with the kids and a basement full of water. This lead to major excavation work around the house. It’s a headache but at least I have my books to retreat into when things get crazy. 

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