You know that feeling when you finish a good book – No, not the feeling that your best friend is moving away. No, it’s the other emotion – the one that comes right after you’ve cried at the last page or thrown the book across the room because of the ending…… Yes, the anxiety of choosing your next read. Will it be up to your expectations, will it fill that void, and will it be as good as the one I just read. The angst and torment of booklovers everywhere !

Well, this may sound a little crazy but the way I shop for books is pretty much the way I approach going out to a restaurant. What am I in the mood for? If I’m in the mood for something “tried-tested and true” then I have my little list of go to restaurants that never fail me. I know if I want sushi… there is this nice little place around the corner or if I want something fancy, I’ll call and reserve a table in old Quebec where I know I’ll enjoy what is on the menu. This is the same for books, there are publishers (think Restaurant) that I know won’t disappoint in the genre (think type of food) I’m looking for.

As I’ve read from a variety of publishers, I’ve found the ones that align with my reading style and preferred genres. Oh, there are times when I want to try something new. Stay with me here… You know that chic new restaurant that is all the rave right now ? The one foodies are blogging and writing stellar reviews ? Well, since I’m at times influenced by that sort of thing, there is a definite possibility I’ll be making a reservation and trying it out. It’s the same with books. Instagram is a huge influence for my “new” book choices. What’s trending, what titles have been getting a lot of buzz ? If they are in the genre I enjoy reading you can bet I’ll add them to my wish list.

There are authors that I’ll follow no matter what. Think of them as the chefs. No matter what restaurant they are working in, I’ll dine there regardless. I thought that I chose books on my mood but I think I’ve put my finger on exactly how I choose them now.  Do you choose your books by publisher, author or do you just wing it ?

And since we are talking a little about food in this post, I’ve added a new page to the blog called “Kitchen Files”; where you will be delighted by a mish-mash of unsorted culinary explorations from my kitchen. I’ll try and update it as often as I can. For now, there are two soup recipes that I enjoy making on those cold spring days.

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