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The Apple Cookbook Review + Recipe

Today I’m going to introduce you to this amazing Apple Cookbook. But before I do, I must tell you a little secret. I’m allergic to apples. So, why would I want to review a cookbook chalk full of apple recipes… well, basically if the apples are cooked I can consume them without an allergic reaction. I love apples, I have an apple tree in my backyard and never know just what to do with them all. Well, with The Apple Cookbook… I’m in apple heaven.

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Camp Style Baked Beans – recipe

When I was introduced to this recipe a half moon ago, I really didn’t think it would work. I thought to myself.. only in Quebec ! I can’t really call it a recipe, it’s more of a hack than anything else. In any case, when I make it for brunch and we have guests over they are always impressed and ask for the recipe. This is where I blush (I’m very good at blushing) and tell the story.

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