Beans and Toast

When I was introduced to this recipe a half moon ago, I really didn’t think it would work. I thought to myself.. only in Quebec !  I can’t really call it a recipe, it’s more of a recipe hack than anything else.  In any case, when I make it for brunch and we have guests over they are always impressed and ask for the recipe. This is where I blush (I’m very good at blushing) and tell the story.

It seems that 40-50 years ago, when families would get together at camp grounds and have cookouts (hot dog roasts, fish fries or corn on the cob…) they would also make beans. Each family would bring over a can or two of beans (yes, store bought)  and they would mix all the cans together in one giant pot.   You’d end up with some molasses beans, some tomato style beans, maple beans, pork and beans, English style.. and so on.  Yup, thrown in to one pot.  (minus the cans of course!)

Please don’t run away yet.. it gets better !

Then, I’m told you must add bacon, onions and hot dog sausage (seriously ?  bacon is acceptable… but hot dogs ?)   You let this bake in the oven for 4-6 hours between 275-300 deg F.    That’s it, camp style baked beans.

Now, lets keep the same principle and kick it up a notch.  Lets use pearl onions and some quality sausage.. shall we ?  You could even put some ham in there as well. I’ve also made this in the slow cooker and they come out just as good as in the oven.  For the slow cooker, I set it at 10 hours.

So there you have it.  I’m going to go hide now.

Beans and Toast


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