My grandmother asked me to tell you she's sorry

Where do fairy tales end and where does reality begin. Frederik Backman gives us an intensely woven story set in the Land of Almost-Awake and within the real world. In each we meet monsters, dragons, shadows, superheroes, princesses and their princes. As you go through the book, you’ll find out how the land of almost awake and the real world are connected.

A quest of sorts is given to Elsa by her dying grandmother. Through this treasure hunt, we learn more about the people who live in Elsa’s apartment building. Great adventure awaits!!

Grandmother is a crazy, eccentric character, but also Elsa’s only friend. Oh, my how I loved grandmother’s oddness !!!! Speaking of characters, this book is full of them. They are Beautiful, wonderfully crafted characters, so genuine and real.

Elsa is such an insightful, strong child and highly aware of the world around her. With her almost 8 year old eyes, she teaches us so many life lessons.

You’ll find in this novel, that not everything or everyone is what they appear to be. Backman has the uncanny ability of not giving too much away and keeping the reader along for every turn of the page.

It is a complex plot and sometimes I wasn’t sure why the narrator was giving me such and such detail… only to understand afterwards that everything is related. Everything. With all it’s complexities, it also deals with profound themes, death, adultery, alcoholism, bullying, recomposed families…

This book !!

This book goes on my top list of 2015 reads. No questions asked. It reminded me of the power of a fairytale, of the power of forgiveness and how powerful being different really is. Yup, that’s three powers for you !! Power to the power of three. OK, I’m going on a tangent now… just buy the book !!

Those protein bars in my image have something to do with the novel… no hints, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

The book will be available for purchase on June 16 2015
Pages : 384
ISBN 9781501115066
Publisher : Atria Books

An honest review was given in exchange for an e-copy of this book.

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