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I really enjoyed doing one of the many Instagram Book Challenges last month however leading a busy life, sometimes I don’t have time to slip in a simple photo challenge. (or it’s too late in the day and the light is not right, or lets face it – I forget)  So, I made one that fit my needs.  No Rules. No Stress.  I can only do one if I want, I can skip a few days with no guilt, I can do the same one over and over again until my heart is content.  Whatever, whenever with no guilt.

Mainly, I find that having a set list on a specific date crushes my creativity.  I feel pressured to produce and if anything… I’m a huge rule breaker (Actually, I must pat myself on the back for doing as many as I did in May and sticking to the rules)

If you decide to play along, let me know.. I’d love to follow you !

Find me on Instagram @iamlostintherain and please use the hashtag #NSBCjune2015

Here are the two I’ve done so far… (I’m loving these two images btw.)

Post it + Book

IMG_0222 square web

Broken Spine

Broken Spine #NSBCjune2015

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