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[Ramblings] Choosing your next read is like picking a restaurant.

You know that feeling when you finish a good book – No, not the feeling that your best friend is moving away. No, it’s the other emotion – the one that comes right after you’ve cried at the last page or thrown the book across the room because of the ending…… Yes, the anxiety of choosing your next read. Will it be up to your expectations, will it fill that void, and will it be as good as the one I just read. The angst and torment of booklovers everywhere !

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[Ramblings] on my Pokémon Go experience so far

Bah, I gave myself the challenge to blog consistently this month, so blog consistently I shall. Usually to blog, I pull my inspiration from a photo or write a book review, oh and there is always a good food post to fall back on when I’m in a pinch. However, I do want to push myself a bit and occasionally write about my life. I find blogging about my life intimidating and challenging. I’m not one to share openly… being an introvert and all.

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