What to blog about when you don’t quite know what to blog about.  Um, I know. Show pictures !

Seriously though I used to take a lot of photographs. Especially at weddings.  I don’t do that anymore. I consider myself retired. My gear is stowed away in the closet, I just use my ipod to capture day to day life. Part of me is quite happy about that.  Another part of me is a tad sad.

The reason I hung up my gear was because I wasn’t finding it enjoyable anymore. As an artist I couldn’t grow. Clients wanted exactly what I’d produced for other clients or what they saw on Pinterest. That just wasn’t me.

For the moment, I let my oldest play with my gear. I gave her one of my old cameras. A Canon Mark I.  She broke it.  It’s ok, I still love her.  Now she uses my Mark II and she fell in love with video.  She’s pretty good at it too !

Someday I’m hoping that I’ll find a project that will inspire me to get behind the camera again. If I’m honest, completely honest…. photography is time consuming.  I’m investing more time right now with the little ones (they both have a lot of difficulty in school).  There is the odd moment when inspiration hits, but it is fleeting and I have yet to grab on to it.



Many thanks to my Tech Guru for helping me upload a photo for this post. !!

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