I wish I had some sort of scientific formula to help me choose what book to read next.  I’d input variables such as : current mood, last book read, food cravings, what I’m wearing, if I prefer coffee or tea…   and out would pop the title of my next read. TaDa !!

In the meantime, because science and mathematical folk have yet to help us bookish types… I’ll resort to other means.  But just on the off chance that such a thing already exists.. I’ve consulted google.  Wait….Things do exist for the bibliophile who is on a quest for their next read. I guess I’m not going to make millions on this idea.

Whichbook, What should I read next or Book Seer would be great except I prefer to choose from my real world or digital shelves.

My go to method of choice is my gut. I’m one of those people who needs to change it up constantly with my reading genre. I thoroughly enjoyed the book I’ve just finished; a thriller- court-room-mystery. If I climbed into another thriller, there is a chance it would bore me or I’d simply compared it to the one I’ve just read. So changing genres is my best bet. This method has worked quite well for me so far.  There is the odd occasion where I find myself struggling to even get through the first chapters of a book.

I’ve had this long held view that I absolutely had to finish a book if I started it. I’d push through it until the very end, hoping against hope that the clouds would part and I’d see the light.   I’ve only recently let go of this belief and feel no guilt at all when I put an unfinished book back on the shelf for later.  Time is such a precious commodity and I want to absolutely love what I’m reading.

Right now I’m leaning towards something that will make me smile…. It’s not perfect, most scientific method but it works for me.

How do you pick your next read ? Am I missing some great app that would help me out ?

What to read next

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