There is nothing worse than a blinking cursor staring you down. Now when I type, I refuse to look at the screen. There is something about looking at the words forming on the screen that completely blocks the natural flow of words.

Bah, I gave myself the challenge to blog consistently this month, so blog consistently I shall.  Usually to blog, I pull my inspiration from a photo or write a book review, oh and there is always a good food post to fall back on when I’m in a pinch.  However, I do want to push myself a bit and occasionally write about my life. I find blogging about my life intimidating and challenging. I’m not one to share openly… being an introvert and all. 

For this post I’ll briefly talk about my Pokémon Go experience so far.  I have a son who absolutely loves Pokémon, so…. It was a no brainer to start playing Pokémon Go.  The interface is simple and since I have my son to show me the ropes… we were quickly out and about catching Pokémon in no time.

The thing I love about this app is that we get out of the house and explore. (Read : Walk.. because we have to hatch those eggs!!) Pulling the kids away from their devices to discover the world around them – all while getting a bit of exercise – has changed our evenings in a big way. We’ve found some terrific “new-to-us” places and we’ve met other passionate players that were really helpful.  Stumbling upon the unexpected outdoor concert was pretty sweet to say the least.

Now that we’ve been playing for a while, it is easy to spot others who play too. 

Close to where we live, THE place to hunt Pokémon is Old Quebec City.  We don’t make the drive to old Quebec every day because we are lucky enough to have an arena and a few Poke Stops within walking distance.

The only part of this adventure that I’ve disliked so far is the Pokémon Go player shaming. It was sad to have to experience that with the kids.  An employee giving a guided tour said : “look at them all, they look like they are in a cult”, “Beware of the Pokémon players outside our building” or a man shouting from his vehicle “you are all f@\%$ crazy… bleep, bleep….and bleep.”  

For the most part though it’s been a fun experience, I’ve found a ton of places that I want to go back and photograph more seriously. Plus, on a educational level, being the nerd that I am, when I find a Poke Stop with historical significance, I’m usually reading up on it afterwards.


And because I find that a blog post is never complete without a photo or four, here are some snaps from our Pokémon Go excursions.

Rainbow Crackled Statue Fontaine Tourny Outdoor Concert.

P.S. No Pokémon were hurt in the making of this post.



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