The Carbon Bubble

If you live on planet earth, more particularly in Canada… you should read this book.  If you have investments in the TSX, interested in politics or the environment.. again, you should read this book.

The Carbon Bubble is divided into four parts, each contributing to a logical conclusion.  The book dives headfirst into the problems with Steven Harper’s plans for Canada to become an energy superpower.

The first part of the book had me seething mad and completely frustrated with Canadian politics.  The second part was highly informative and complimented the previous part very well.  Then In the third part,  I struggled getting through. I found some of the writing redundant.  After getting through the third part, I sailed through the fourth part and was on to the conclusion.

The book is chalk full of facts and information pertaining to politics, the environment and the carbon industry.  Even with all these intense facts and information, the writing is accessible and clear.  I even found the source notes interesting !!

I’m glad I read this book. It has made me look at the world around me in a different way. I normally don’t follow politics but in today’s world, this book is an important read.   Having almost finished the book when the elections were being held in Alberta, I wasn’t at all surprised by the results.

If Canada wants a superpower title, there are other ways to do it and even more importantly… better for the environment. Jeff Rubin offers up a multitude of ways to do it as we face climate change, but we have to be ready… we must plan.

The Carbon Bubble by Jeff Rubin
Published by Random House Canada
Available for purchase as of today.
320 pages

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