Beurre d'eglantier Rose Hip butter

It is the morning after Mother’s Day and I find myself making myself the most delicious breakfast with some of the leftover brunch items.  There is one item on my breakfast menu that I had been saving since my trip to Tadoussac.  I present to you : Rose Hip butter or Beurre d’eglantier in french.

I met the producer of this fine butter in Tadoussac and she explained to me the laborious process of not only picking the Rose Hip, but the process of making it as well. It has such a unique, sweet, yet tart taste that evolves as it stays on the palette. It’s perfect on pasties, breads or even a little dollop on some foie gras, charcuterie or canapes.

While sitting this morning in silence and enjoying my “left overs” I got to thinking on how many things I still have yet to try in the kitchen.  Even though I’ve tasted and tried many things over the years (I’m a very adventurous eater), I still have this urge to make them myself in the kitchen.   For example, I’ve never made jam or preserves and so begins a bucket list of sorts.  I’ve scribbled a few thoughts down on paper which I’ll post to a separate blog page soon-ish.

Back to the Rose Hip butter.  It is made in Natashquan Quebec by De Baie et de Seve. I looked up their Facebook page; HERE is the link if you’d like to try this or any of their other products.

… I’m off to get lost with a pen and some paper….

Beurre d'eglantier Rose Hip butter


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