Guilt Free Banana Fruit Split

So, there I was getting ready to make my mid-morning snack.. I had decided I was going to make my fruit parfait and blog about it. But then I spotted this lonely banana and thought…  BANANA SPLIT !! OMG, banana split for a snack… I am going to make this happen.

Gather up some fruit, and obviously a banana, some Greek yogurt of your choosing and various other things you might like to add to your amazing fruit split.  I’ve made a list of things that would be delicious as toppers…

Maple syrup
Healthy cereal like bran buds or the like
Dried Fruit
Shaved chocolate
Mushrooms, no I’m kidding I was just checking if you were still following.

This was a real satisfying snack, maybe because I added chocolate and my brain was happy !! Nothing better than a happy brain  !!

Guilt Free Banana Fruit Split

I seriously got side tracked making my banana split this morning… I’d call that a successful way to get lost.

Perfectly guilt free Banana Berry Split


  • some Greek Yogurt
  • one Banana
  • various Berries of your fruit of your choice
  • other Toppings of your choice (see list in post for inspiration)


  1. Split your banana lengthwise and place in your bowl.
  2. Dollop the Greek yogurt over the bananas.
  3. Add your fruit to the top of all this plus any other toppings you desire.
  4. Dig in.

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