While I’ve been on this small social media break, I think I’ve found the genre I prefer reading. Yes, this came as a complete surprise to me since I thought I liked to read a variety of things with no clear favourite. I finally admitted it to myself when my Kobo kept proving it to me.

It’s now time to admit that —->   I.    Have.   A.    Favorite. 

But I’m a mom, how can I have a favorite? Picking a favorite genre is like choosing which child is your preferred one. This is outrageous! Ok, I may be exaggerating slightly but for the last while, I’ve seen myself drawn towards a certain genre. I finally had to concede that I’m a Thrillers and Mysteries buff. Now, there are many subgenre in that category and I haven’t really figured out where my allegiance lies. However, I do know what I don’t like – predictability.

I still love other genres. I do !! Really, I do ! I just find myself easing into a good thriller quite effortlessly after a tough day at work or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Those types of reads really are my happy place.

There is still a place on my shelves for other things, please don’t think I’m not reading anything else. I am !! I think I’d go a little crazy if I only read one genre. I enjoy historical novels, biographies, science fiction and the list goes on. (but they are not my favorite, although awesome dystopias are perhaps my second favorite genre) See, now that I’ve come clean, it’s easier to admit to other things.

I love discovering new reads. New to me authors, obscure subjects… anything that catches my eye and makes me think…. “oh, now that sounds odd, I must read that”. I’m terribly curious about a variety of subjects and love filling my brain with weird facts and intriguing stories. Who knows if Thrillers and Mysteries will forever stay my ultimate favorite. For now, they are the perfect escape when the outside world keeps throwing me snowballs.

If you are also a lover of great thrillers or epic mysteries, I’d love to hear your recommendations. The odder, the better.

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