Sometimes I go out and forage and come back with slim pickings. Other times I have to clean out shelf space for the mass of new arrivals.  In both cases, they are always welcome into my book space.

With my mini vacation to New Brunswick and the start of the school year, I haven’t had much time to brows the local book stores.  But I did pick up some lovely additions to my sci-fi collection. I have a paperback version of 2001 but now I have the collection in hard cover.  This makes me much happy.

2001 space

Also since I love cameras I really couldn’t resist buying this lovely doll.  I can’t wait to get into this one. It’s a mystery/treasure hunt collaboration between 10 authors … how can this not be good.


And well, I couldn’t resist this one.  Because. KERMIT.  Seriously folks. KERMIT.

Kermit Before You Leap

And the last two were essentially “Why Not ?” buys.  I feel these are more “in-between” books. The perfect choice when you are not quite ready for the commitment of a 600 page novel.  Actually Kitchen does sound like it will be a great read. Translated books are a gamble though, hopefully this one is well done.  (that was a kitchen joke)


…. now… off to read.


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