First day of summer !!
Usually I’d be finalizing our summer outings right now but, unfortunately our home took on water this spring and the repairs costs deflated the vacation budget. I do love to travel, especially little road trips! I won’t be able to do as many as I would have liked this summer and that got me thinking.

A little project was born; The Can150Bookcation.

Let me explain – Basically since travel funds are low, I’ll read across Canada instead. I’ve purchased a map and some push pins – I just need to find a cork board panel big enough to put my map on. It’s also the perfect project to celebrate Canada 150. So, hashtag time #Can150Bookcation.

The inspiration for the project came quite recently while I was reading books from smaller Canadian publishing companies such as Coach House Books, ECW Press, House of Anansi and Dundurn. Titles like Now You Know Canada and Arrival – The Story of CanLit were my motivation.

The rules ? I’m not one to play by the rules but if you need some guidelines here we go. Just remember; the important thing is to make the project work for you and have fun in the process.

  • When you read a book set in a particular place within Canada, log it on your map. If you don’t want to use a map, then use a log book or notepad.
  • Perhaps the novel is by a Canadian author but not set in Canada ? – No worries – Just log the author’s hometown instead.
  • Post your progress on your social media of choice. Don’t forget to hashtag #Can150Bookcation
  • Maybe you just want to read within one province or territory ? – Go for it !
  • Perhaps books are not your thing and you prefer magazine articles – No one is judging !
  • Poetry counts too !

Other ideas :

  • Print out miniature book covers and glue them to your pushpins.
  • Get the kids involved.
  • I’m sure there is an app for this somewhere, but I’m going old school to start off with. It makes for a great conversation piece on my wall.

I’ll definitely continue this project and change its scope after the summer to include the rest of the world. For now, I’m just concentrating on Canada.

If you take up this project, let me know – I’d love to follow your progress as we read across Canada. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Can150Bookcation !

To follow me on social media, use your backstage pass on the right side panel of the blog.  And enjoy your Bookcation !


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