Years and years ago I did a 365 on Flickr and it was very painful. I thought to myself, never again. EVER !   Even if I thought it was painful, every day it challenged me artistically, and for that I was grateful.

Recently, I saw this book related challenge on Instagram and I thought to myself “hey, I could do this !”   Then a part of my brain kicked me and we had to have a conversation.

“Do I really want to do this ?”
“Yes, I do..!!!
“No I don’t”
“Yes, I do…!!!”
“No I don’t, remember last time ?.”
“Shut up.”

Well, this went on for a while… but I ended up winning, I win all the time, no matter what.

I’ve challenged myself to complete at least 16 days out of the challenge.  So far so good. Here are some of my favorites.   And I’ll admit, I’m loving the feeling of getting back behind the camera.  It’s a nice place to get lost.. well, sometimes.

May book challenge

May book challenge

May book challenge

If you are on Instagram and happen to be a book lover, come join us on this fun challenge.  It’s not too late !! The Challenge consists on photographing something related to books within a specific theme. Every day is different.

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