Make them,

Break them,

Abuse them and forget them… whatever.  

In any case, I need to find a blogging constant that works for me.  So, I did a little online research into what makes a habit.  When I say I did a “little” research, I really mean it. I only read two articles. Apparently that 21 day thing to make a habit stick is bull.  On the upside, I did find an article on Forbes that explained much about my struggle with habit through the years.  It just made sense, at least to me. (And well, basically I’m the one who matters here.)

For the month of August, I’m going to blog every day.. did I say every day ?  Yes, I did.  Someone hold my hand.  Please.

I’m going to commit to blogging on my website or micro-blog on Instagram.  (I may go on vacation and there may not be any Wi-Fi… I’ll deal with that when the time comes. As for the subject matter… no rules as long as I blog.  What happens after August ? I push on.

As the Forbes article states, there will be “fight through” moments and I need to get through a few of those in order to make blogging a normal pattern in my daily life.  I’m looking back on other moments  where I did this unconsciously. Like my recent thing with chocolate. I quit chocolate. GASP.  Yes, I did.  Chocolate is my drug. Dark, milk, layered in cakes, rolled into truffles, candy coated goodness.  Oh yes, chocolate is my drug. Well, except white chocolate because it is not technically chocolate.  Don’t look at me that way, no judging allowed.  

I’ve been a good 2 months without chocolate and those push through moments are very difficult, but essential.  I’m finding it easier and easier to get through them.   

After I get through this blogging thing, I’ll tackle exercise. No I won’t.

So follow me on this mini journey, cheer me on or start your own “habit”.  Mostly, cheer me on.

The Blogging Habit

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