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[Book Review] Wildwood by Elinor Florence

Since I read more thrillers these days, Wildwood was a little detour from my “who-dunnit” page-turners. I picked this one up because I liked the premise of the novel; living off the grid is something that appeals to me very much (for like a weekend maybe). Wildwood was a much needed escape into the quiet, haunting Canadian north – a year long journey into the harsh northern landscape and one single mother’s determination to survive.

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[Book Review] The Unforgotten by Laura Powell + giveaway news

Before I start on why I enjoyed reading The Unforgotten, let me just gush a little about the title. Without giving anything away… it outlines the depth of everything that goes on in this book. It encompasses everything, everyone, every feeling, moment that is : unforgotten. The Unforgotten examines what it’s like living with dark secrets, burying them, revisiting them and the resulting collateral damage.

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