This book was originally written in french by Nancy Huston, I read the english translation. Now that I think about it, I perhaps should have read the french. In any case I’ve finished the book so let me share with you my thoughts.

This book is an odd one. The author places the reader as a judge and presents to him a cast of characters. (including a bridge and a pond) Each presenting to the reader, their memories, stories, opinions relating to the death of Cosmo.

There were times where I wanted to put the book down. The empty ramblings of the character seemed to be going no where. But that was just it, the empty ramblings MADE the characters. Under it all, it’s more than a book about a murder. It is about relationships, it’s a book about the effects of time and memory on relationships… about how we perceive the world and how others perceive us. In this cast of characters, we see the desperation, the conniving nature, the beauty, the dreams.. yes, the good the bad and the ugly.

Where did I read this book?
– Mostly on my sofa

Would I read this book again or find other books from this same author?
– I wouldn’t read this book again and to be honest, I’m unsure about reading other books from Nancy Huston. That said, who knows… this book was a struggle at times but that doesn’t mean her other books are the same.

How did I feel when I put the book down?
– Relieved to be finished but the characters stayed with me for a while.

Emotions I had while reading the book.
– Frustration
– Mad
– Pensive

Did I like the cover?
– The cover suited the book well however I found it a tad bland and not very eye catching.

Fave quote from the book.
– p.107 “Sometimes it was just to say hello – but other times, if he was upset about something, he’d come and snuggle up in my lap because his mother never sat down and if you don’t sit down you don’t have a lap for your kid to snuggle up in.”

What would I serve with this book.
– A full bodied wine. It needs to be paired with something more robust.

Like I said, the book is an odd one. I’m happy I didn’t shelve it and continued to finish it. There is immense beauty in this book, the characters all have something special about them. Nancy Huston does bring out the struggle and growth of her characters, I’m glad I met them.

This novel won the Governor General award.

I’m already lost in another novel… that review will be brought to you soon.

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