This morning I was in a region of quebec that I don’t really visit much anymore.  I used to work in the “Beauce” region some 15 years ago. Back then, I remember my english self having a hard time understanding the beauceron accent.  Anyhow, this quick trip to the Beauce was to drive my oldest over to a friend’s then straight back home.  

I was stopped at a light and looked over to my right and saw this flash of yellow.  Then I read “Le Pied de Cochon”… charcuterie, patisserie and told myself that I have to stop on my way back.  Which I did !!


As I stepped in, the owner came out from what I assume was the kitchen and I told him it was my first time in his boutique.  He gave me the most welcoming and brightest smile and then he quickly told me about the various house products he had available.  He was so very passionate about his products !! I was tempted to get the home made soup but I chose a quiche lorraine.

The owner told me he’s been open about 8 years now.  If you are ever in Vallee-Jonction, you should really stop by Le Pied de Cochon and treat yourself to some terrines or maybe some duck confit or any of the home made pies !!!

Le Pied de Cochon, charcuterie Francaise
Vallee-Jonction, Quebec


It’s fun to get lost and find something new. With my quiche tonight, I think I’ll have it with some mixed vegetables or a fresh salad. I’ll Instagram it later on. You can find the link in the sidebar.

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