Quickly, this book is a memoir of a young woman finding her way on the road of life. She tell us about her family, her travels, the ups, the downs, the winding road if you will…and how finding a passion for motorcycles strengthened her. It’s also sprinkled with physics, which I found brilliant. (Because I’m a science nerd) The book flows, it’s cleverly written, it’s raw, fresh and I want more books from Lily Brooks-Dalton.

I enjoyed the ride. After the first few pages, I was a passenger, fully committed. I find that reading a memoir makes me reflect on certain aspects of my own life. Memoirs are great for that. When the author talks about a sibling or a breakup, I’m thrown back to my own past, my own journey.

There is something about a motorcycle, something, yes, that something, that I obviously can’t explain or put into words, but Lily Brooks-Dalton does it perfectly. She does, trust me.

Now then…..

Where did I read this book ?
Mostly in by bed and on the couch. I would have loved to read it in my hammock with a warm breeze drifting over my skin, but alas, there is still snow on the ground.

Who would I recommend this book to ?
Obviously this makes a great gift to any female rider or a lover of the open road.
Someone who doesn’t quite know where to turn in their life.

Did I like the cover ?
Yes. I love minimalistic covers. I thought it was perfectly designed.

Would I read this book again ?
Yes. There are some great a-ha! moments in this book that I’d love to quote but I have an advanced readers copy and since it hasn’t been officially published yet, I’ll have to wait. It’s just proper etiquette.

What beverage or food would go great with this book ?
I’m thinking of two beverages that would go great with this. A summertime lemonade, fresh and quenching. On the other hand, a stiff whisky on the rocks. I’m torn, don’t ask me to choose.

How did I feel when I finished the book ?
I felt content but I loved the read so much, I wanted more. That’s a good sign though!

Feelings I had while reading the book.

Was there something I didn’t like about this read ?
No, I tried to think of something and I’m just so content with this book.

Yes, this book is a keeper. There are some beautiful life lessons in this memoir. If you love personal journeys of discovery and growth, if you love adventure and obviously motorcycles, but hey, even if you don’t have any affinity with motorcycles, it still reads beautifully.

Motorcycles I’ve Loved goes on sale April 7th, 2015.

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