Signal to Noise

I adored this read ! Simply adored it !!!!!

This is the story of Meshe, magic, friendship, healing and love. The novel starts off with Meshe coming back to Mexico, her childhood home, for the funeral of her estranged father. The book explores her relationship with her father and mother, with that of her childhood friends, with herself and it tells the story of a girl who discovers magic and the power it wields.

What I loved…
The dynamics of the characters. Meshe can be a very abrasive person, she has quite a bit of anger in her… I enjoyed the way Silvia Moreno-Garcia wrote that into her character. The geeky romantic side of Sebastian and sometimes clueless nature of Daniela put a smile on my face.

You have all this goodness and then you add some magic to the mix. Voila, an urban fantasy with tangible relationships that are genuine and you can easily relate to. Plus, like I said… MAGIC. So, you might be asking…where does the music come in ? Well, Meshe is addicted to music, music is her “life”…and well music is magic 😉 It reminds me of my oldest daughter that always has ear buds on, knowing the words to all the songs or making me listen to a certain artist before they become a household name.

There aren’t many plot twists in this book, you pretty much see everything coming, well… except one part that I found tragic and sad. But it made sense, so much sense for the story line. Even if you can clearly see where the book is going, it doesn’t take away from the “magic” of this book.

The book reads very well, going back and forth from past to present. We flip back and forth from childhood to adulthood and learn the many reasons why Meche is Meche. You could say it is a two tiered coming of age book.

This book could most definitely be read in a small cafe, light music and conversations in the background.. while indulging in biscotti and coffee !! Yes, that sounds absolutely perfect. This book would definitely make a great gift to an 80’s child who enjoyed or still enjoys music and above all, someone who still believes in magic.

I liked the cover.. the retro vibe fits well with the book. But like I said, it’s the back description that pulled me in….

Signal to Noise

It was a great read. I was kinda sad when I put it down but It’s a keeper in my to read again bookshelf for sure !!! I grew up in the 80’s so this book has nice references to many things I lived through, saw or discovered.

And since it is raining again today I shall find another book and a thick heavy blanket… such a nice place to get lost.


Signal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
published by Solaris an imprint of Rebellion Publishing
Total pages : 272

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