Dogs and Underdogs

This book !!  First it gets triple bonus points for having me all teary eyed in the Honda waiting room.  This memoir was a glorious voyage of courage and depth, understanding and determination.  It’s amusing and honest, sometimes this book cuts deep with it’s gritty truths but it is also full of hope and beautiful, kind people.

Throughout this memoir you will find Abbott’s own story of how she rescued not one, but many dogs, she will bring you amusing and lovely tails (…did you see what I did there).  She also hits hard and gives us the cold reality of stray dogs, puppy mills, dogs that are not adoptable, dogs that only want a home to call their own.

Elizabeth Abbott made me realize many things while reading her memoir.  I hadn’t realized the complexity of a dog’s needs.  They get old too, they get cancer, they are plagued with various illnesses and they need an owner who is willing and able to provide that care.

I loved the way she talked about her dogs.  I loved the way she described their personalities and reactions, she is just so in tune with her companions.  I’m in awe of this.

If you own a dog, have a dog, appreciate people who give their time to great causes… then you will love this book.  And even if you don’t own a dog (I don’t own one) you will find the story of courage, determination and redemption one that will tug at your heart.

Publish Date : April 28th 2015

Published by Viking an imprint of Penguin Canada

Author : Elizabeth Abbott

On a personal note, I’ve always wanted my own dog.  I’ve been seriously thinking about it for the past three years or so.  I think my kids would benefit from that connection, the sense of responsibility a dog brings.  But it is not a decision to be made on the fly. For one, I think I’m allergic and we will all have to have allergy tests beforehand.  That doesn’t change the fact that I really, really want a dog !




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