Hello there Prologue… You really hooked me in.

Now, I’m usually fairly good on narrowing down a potential killer and just when I thought I had it figured out.. A twist.. And then I thought I had it figured out again… Another twist.. So was it murder or suicide ? With only a handful of main players in this book it had me second guessing myself .. And then there is that.. “Oh but of course moment”.

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Let me give you a quick glimpse as to what this book is about, however since it is an intrigue, I don’t want to give too much away. (that’s always the hard part) Maggie and Celine have been friends since childhood and are from two very different ends of the money spectrum. Maggie comes back to New York to take care of Celine’s estate after her death and uncovers something that doesn’t quite sit well with her.  Curious Maggie just won’t let this go and will do anything to get answers.

He Will Be My Ruin was a relatively fast read, sprinkled with intrigue, steaminess, romance, murder and money.  Just the right dose of each. An art conspiracy is cleverly woven into the story as well, giving it an extra twist. I’d say, Tucker gives the reader just enough crumbs, at just the right time.

The character I loved the most was .. Hands down : Ruby.   I think K.A. Tucker should have included a short bread recipe at the end of the book.  I was craving cookies or sweets of some kind at every mention of shortbread. At one point I just had to go get myself some tea and a fresh baked cookie.  The power of suggestion I guess !!

Like I said, the prologue had a definite hook however I think the only downside for me would be the first few chapters, where every so often,  Maggie would give us her thoughts and deductions. It just seemed a little slow going. I consider myself an intelligent reader and having something so obvious spelled out, it just irked me somewhat.  But I got over that quickly as the story progressed.

I truly loved that this book was a stand alone. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good series.  If you are scheduling your summer beach reads, you should consider checking this one out.

This was my first K.A Tucker novel and He Will Be My Ruin is Tucker’s first stand alone.

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An Advance Reader’s copy of this novel was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

K.A Tucker is a Canadian author, visit her website here.
Published by : Atria Books
Available for purchase on : February 2nd 2016


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