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They say he’s been stealing art. But is Attila being framed?

Outdoor art is disappearing all over the neighbourhood! From elaborate Halloween decorations to the Stream of Dreams fish display across the fence at Stephen and Renée’s school, it seems no art is safe. Renée’s brother, Attila, has been cursing those model fish since he first had to make them as part of his community service. So everyone thinks Attila is behind it when they disappear. But, grumpy teen though he is, Attila can do no wrong in Renée’s eyes, so she enlists Stephen’s help to catch the real criminal.

I’d like to be the cool mom who can recommend a book to their children that they actually enjoy. Therefore, I read a good number of YA and middle grade novels. A little while ago, I read the Best Mistake Mystery and fell in love with it. You can read my review here.

The thing I loved about The Artsy Mistake Mystery (book two) – was the sense of familiar. When I’ll read this title to my son, I can predict exactly what he will say : “Oh, I bet this will happen next – it’s like the last one” – — > And that is the magic of a well-crafted series for young readers. It gives them a little power to figure things out yet it still offers a few new twists.

With this second installment, I got to know Renée and her family a little more. I love the friendship that exists between Stephen and Renée, they complement each other wonderfully. Even if there is a gun in this book, there is no violence and no one gets hurt. The relationships are platonic, the kids are resourceful and most importantly: there are dogs !

Stephen is a character my son can relate to. You see, I’m highly allergic to dogs (just like Stephen’s mom) and my son would love us to have a furry friend but we obviously can’t have one. My son is also very perspective and analytical – and because he’s different (he has Tourette’s), social situations can be a struggle for him. Having a character he can relate to is a real treasure.

It’s a wonderful series to gift to your young reader. I’m looking forward to book three in the mistake mystery series and will be on the lookout for other works by Sylvia McNicoll.

The Artsy Mistake Mystery by Sylvia McNicoll is available now !
Published by Dundurn Press
208 pages
ISBN 978-1-45973-880-5

*** an e-galley of this title was provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest thoughts and review


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