I read the Deer Life advanced copy by Ron Sexsmith some time ago and have been singing its praises ever since. There is really something quite enchanting about what Ron has done with this little nugget. It’s a brilliant fairy tale that begs to be read.

If, like me, you’ll be in the Toronto area on the 24th and 25th, Ron will be attending Word on The Streets and a book signing at the Eaton Center. Personally, I’m really looking forward to hearing the wit and wisdom of Ron Sexmith in person at Word on The Streets!

Here are some more of Ron Sexsmith’s upcoming appearances with his amazing new book:

  • Amazon.ca Bestseller stage at 4:45PM (Word on The Street)
  • Indigo Eaton Centre book signing on September 25th.
  • Stratford Writers Festival on October 21st
  • Wordfest Calgary on October 11th

As I’ve hinted in my original review (READ HERE), I haven’t really listened to any Sexsmith music growing up… (I know, this is bad) But, I’ve fallen in love with his writing and was easily drawn into this magical tale. He is a brilliant wordsmith 😉 If you enjoy that sort of thing, I’d highly recommend following his twitter account.

Talking of Twitter… If you want a chance to get your hands on a copy of this book I may be able to help. The good people at Dundurn Press are offering two copies for my readers. I’ll be tweeting a competition post and if you follow me and retweet the lucky post before midnight (Toronto time) you’ll be entered into a draw for a copy.

Not on Twitter? Well that means you miss out on some Sexsmith wordsmithing, but I’m extra social because I’m also on Instagram where I’ll be offering another copy of the book! Follow me over there and tag a friend in my contest post and you get another chance to win! You can only win once, but there’s no harm in trying twice and entering both giveaways.

Keep in mind these books can only be shipped to Canada. As much as I love my international readers and would love to send some copies out in to the wider world to spread this great book even further the publishers are being super generous as it is and I can’t ask them to bend the rules and ship the books further afield.

Good luck, and good reads. Be sure to check out the other bloggers on the book tour too, you never know what treasures you might find!

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